Liverpool Vision - A more Business Friendly Council.

The Brief
Three public sector agencies came together to form Liverpool Vision:
Liverpool Land Development (developments outside the city centre).
Liverpool Vision (development within the city centre)
Business Liverpool (economic development and regeneration, inward investment and support in parallel with Business Link)

The Champions are City Council employee's in key departments, selected by the Council exec team. The specific role of the champions has not been finalised and this will be a main driver to the session. The session will primarily introduce and explore what the role should be and mean.

The key activity of the champions will be in shifting the council culture to being more business friendly and becoming more engaged and informed individuals.

They will need to have an understanding business needs and see that the benefit in the grander scale is to the people of Liverpool.

A programme was designed / developed with input from senior staff and delivered over a day.

What the role of the new business champions will be.
Getting ownership of the role of champion from the individuals.
For new business Champions to:
Understand the importance of being business friendly. Understanding of the issues that business's face. Understanding and agreement of the role of the new business Champions.

Liverpool Vision