Cobolt Housing - Asset Management Strategy.

The Brief
The Asset Management Strategy (AMS) is a 30 year plan for housing stock which impacts on the whole organisation and its stakeholders. The AMS must consider the needs of tenants in the short, medium and long term and in the decisions that are made.

A 6 month (iterative) programme of Tennant Engagement was develop and implement, aimed at informing the AMS.

Stage One: Identification of key staff members from across the organisation with firsthand knowledge of tenants and neighbourhoods.
Stage Two: Tenant engagement process: Engagement with tenants using a variety of methods.
Stage Three: Reviewing the results: Analysis of data gathered during stage two in facilitated sessions to allow for transparent decision making.
Stage Four: Tenants' Conference: Dissemination, evaluation and inform the next iteration of the process (checks and balances).

Identification of key themes and how they can be acted upon (short, medium and long term).
Identification of long term community issues and how Cobalt and the AMS can play a part in alleviating said issues (short, medium and long term).
Establish an ongoing process of engagement with stakeholders in Cobalt and the AMS.

Cobolt Housing