Barclays Bank - IT Unix Division.

The session brought together staff from two different locations to explore business issues differently, particularly to find an approach which would enable them to identify and experiment with potential new service offerings.

The Session
A series of 'Cultural probe' were used pre-session to anonymously gather ideas about issues of significance to service development. Issues were 'drilled down' with all participants to highlight which, in their view, were the key elements needing attention. These were then prioritised by the group.

Participants created cartoon story-boards to show what would/could happen if potential solutions were implemented. In small groups, they then acted out the story board scenarios, making the viability study as real as possible. Dramas were filmed so that scenarios could be 'relived', giving the possibility to discover possible pitfalls, challenges and improvements.

Improved understanding of business problems
Increased awareness of and potential to implement realistic solutions
Greater sense of shared vision

"The combination of expert, creative facilitation and unique approach provided our team with the tools to address significant business issues in a way that has proved far more productive than through more traditional business facilitation methods."
Craig Williams, Service Delivery Manager Barclays